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Rovan Singh is a highly successful entrepreneur and seasoned real estate developer who is prolific in the field. He also founded his family’s business, which functions internationally and reaches a wide geographical range of people, particularly in Italy and Canada. He has a proven record of determination and skill and continues to improve his craft through education, research and a hands-on approach. Rovan will undoubtedly continue to have a successful career and emerge as a leading real estate investor in his area and beyond. Below are some words from him about how to manifest success:

Believe in yourself. Your success rate will be so much higher if you are willing something to happen, if you thoroughly and wholeheartedly put yourself and your effort behind it. Confidence is absolutely critical.

Take calculated risks. Business is similar to poker in this way; you want to take risks and reach sometimes, but make sure that when you are taking these risks you are always the one in control.

Always be learning. Do not ever get too arrogant and think that you know enough or your learning has stopped. There is always more to learn and always ways in which you can better yourself. Every day I am looking for ways to continue to perfect my craft.

Work very hard. This is perhaps one of the most important facets of my list, and something that I do every day; it is crucial to come in every day ready to give your best for your business or company or endeavor.

Never give up. This one speaks for itself. No matter what the obstacle, keep pushing.

Find a product and sell it. This is one of the more tangible steps to success–you can’t just have a good attitude and work ethic, you also need to be able to successfully sell or market your product or service. Make it appealing to people and get it out there–this is where the real money comes in.

Provide value to your customers. This goes hand in hand with the above concept: make sure that you are offering a service or product that is able to provide value to your customers, and that you are able to strongly articulate the value in. This should play an important role in your marketing strategy.

Have a positive attitude. Having a positive attitude does not just mean you’re happy go lucky or optimistic. It embodies so many other characteristics: it means you are motivated, persistence, problem-solving, flexible, brilliant, determined, and so much more than that.

Have high expectations. Don’t ever drop your expectations. Always reach high–it will encourage you to do your best and work your hardest toward that goal. If you have high expectations and undershoot them a little while working your hardest it is likely to still be highly successful, whereas if you undershoot low expectations you are likely failing.

Surround yourself with successful people. A major part of being a successful entrepreneur or business-person is surrounding yourself with the right people and putting yourself in a position to connect with meaningful partners, sponsors, mentors, and friends. You want to social with people equal in caliber to you and people who can bring something to your mission.